Environment Monitoring

Detecting environmental issues and events (i.e., air and water quality, earthquakes, fires) quickly and accurately on The People’s Network can help limit the loss of life and property due to natural disasters.

Limit Losses with Helium

Joining The People’s Network enables solutions to environmental monitoring challenges through:

Affordable Coverage

Providing low-cost and reliable coverage for hundreds of environmental monitoring devices

Powerful Integrations

Enabling secure and real-time data that can be integrated with platforms like Azure IoT Hub and AWS

Massive Ecosystem

Access to an ecosystem of resources for a wide-range of solutions

Helium Console

Allows users to easily collect data and analyze data, informing life and property-saving decisions
Air Quality Monitoring
Accurately monitor air quality both inside and outside, allowing for accurate air quality alerts and contamination prevention
Water Quality and Usage Monitoring
Ensure safe drinking water and prevent contamination through accurate, real time monitoring and data-collection via sensors on The People’s Network
Extreme Weather Conditions Monitoring
Track extreme weather conditions in real-time to protect people, animals, and infrastructure during natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, and hurricanes

Build on
The People's Network

  • The largest contiguous wireless network in the world provides extensive coverage, reducing the need to purchase and manage additional infrastructure
  • Highly competitive connectivity costs enable initiatives to scale — the average sensor costs only $1.05 per year (for a sensor sending data every 5 minutes)
  • Accessible and easy to use with compatible off-the-shelf LoRaWan devices
  • Built on open source standards, increasing access to open source projects that attract companies to build and/or utilize smart devices and avoid issues such as vendor lock-in and high hardware costs

“The true value of The Helium Network is in providing cost-effective, decentralized wireless connectivity to billions of low-power, long-range IoT devices.”

Tim Guiterman, Co-founder and CEO of InfiSense

Case Studies

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NOWI is using The People’s Network to Stop Leaks and Water Waste
Advancing Smart Agriculture & Environmental Sustainability with InfiSense
Airly Selects The People’s Network to Track Air Quality Around the Globe


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