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Expand Network Coverage with Roaming on the Helium Network

Win new markets and increase coverage density without the cost of additional gateway infrastructure.

What is Roaming?

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Combined Coverage
Roaming enables different LoRAWAN networks to combine coverage, providing more connectivity for compatible sensors and devices.
For all Devices
Roaming on LoRa networks can be utilized by both mobile devices and fixed, stationary devices.
No more dropped Packets
Without roaming partnerships, traffic seen by other public and private LoRaWAN networks is dropped.

Benefits of a Roaming Partnership with Helium

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๐Ÿ’Utilize the global coverage of the rapidly-expanding Helium Network without the need to deploy additional hardware infrastructure or increase upfront costs

๐’†™See immediate ROI while leveraging existing LoRaWAN network server infrastructure

๐ŸŒผHotspot owners also benefit from roaming partnerships on Helium by earning more HNT from the increased amount of data transfer

"Senet and the Helium Network are in a leading position to move the market a step closer to pervasive low power wide area network coverage for IoT applications throughout the United States."

Bruce Chatterley | CEO of Senet

"The growth of the Helium Network has been explosive. By creating a roaming integration with the Helium Network, we are now able to offer any LoRaWAN network, public or private, access to this coverage, enabling them to deploy applications in more markets faster with low cost and less hassle...

Alper Yegin | VP of Advanced Technology Development, Actility

Why Helium?

The worldโ€™s largest contiguous wireless network, with over 613,000 Hotspots in over 47,000 cities and 163 countries

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