Grab a Helium 5G Hotspot and get ready to earn.

Cellular Summer

The approval of HIP 51 enables more wireless networks such as 5G, WiFi, and VPN to join the Helium ecosystem. These new networks will unlock massive utility and boost the value of the overall ecosystem. This next chapter in the Helium mission will continue to make Helium the standard for decentralized wireless networks everywhere.
This summer, MOBILE will be distributed to Helium 5G Hotspot bundle owners as rewards of growing the Helium 5G network.Grab your Helium 5G Hotspot Bundle now and get ready to earn MOBILE Genesis rewards for providing coverage!

Step 1 Decide your Cell Setup Location

Indoor radio are easier to setup, but Outdoor radios earn more

Step 2 Get your Helium 5G Hotspot bundle

Pick a bundle from the launch vendors below

Step 3 Install/Update Helium and Wallet Apps

Register your Helium 5G Hotspot to start earning MOBILE.

Step 4 Sit Back and mine

Your earnings will be rewarded directly to your wallet.

Grab a Bundle

Explore a range of indoor and outdoor bundles from our ecosystem Makers.

What's Next?

EARLY SUMMER 2022MOBILE Genesis StartsHelium 5G Hotspot bundle owners will start earning MOBILE
MID SUMMER 2022HIP 52/53 Vote StartsHelium 5G and LoRaWAN SubDAO HIP Voting commences
LATE SUMMER 2022MOBILE Genesis EndsMOBILE redeemable for HNT with treasury

Helium 5G Ecosystem Partners

Helium 5G partners have piled into the ecosystem to launch the first people-powered cellular network. Join the movement this summer with: