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One particular agreement, which will give “enterpriseclass location based expertise solution based on some sort of operational characteristics of of these enterprises. Three separate stock options are products and alternatives business model, and costs related to hardware purchasing amounting to about million dollar yuan, the service payments about million year. Important the purchase agreement agreed upon with the Che Youhui “Continental Schindler Group, all the latest progress of this Triangle think strong K B C business variation the field of locationbased services in the joint sector. According to reports, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and other giants behind the B C model, think strong, according of China’s market development F B C business model, that is, in upfront to find the cardiovascular of the B Gna Youhui, communications companies, statigic planning companies, online gaming service providers , navigation and locationbased services technology coverage via their endusers.

Hubei Telecom to demand charge and calls moved to the navigation prepared to the user cellular phone information terminal UCO Lianchuang SP , the aviator operations in Hubei. Unquestionably the United States and foreign logistics management needs, picture strong to provide keen monitoring terminal UCO Lianchuang SC for Group employees, vehicles, supervision and upkeep of goods. maxi cab among the Shenzhen Communications Technology, hardware computers, installation of most navigation and locationbased corporations and provide the gamers point of interest with regard to push location services features support. Wu Min, chairman of the America International reach and international Group revealed that unquestionably the scheduling information platform would likely be established in Wuhan headquarters platform for business enterprise resource planning ERP and therefore the superposition of often the positional parameters ie, LERP, TCU and China position, relying on operating storefronts, the country’s cities getting timely collection vehicles, freight transport supply and desire information and publish decreased vehicle Kongshi rate, update operational efficiency.

UCO on Strong Point Division General Manager Shelter said that China’s satellite tv for pc navigation is moving closer to the mobile Internet day and age of enterpriseclass locationbased vendors market is undergoing serious changes in end demand, terminal powerful computing together with storage capacity. Released all the way through July ,Main products automobile dvd player with high quality. the Chinese position “platform with the military, professional, civil and more segments of the core constituent parts of end products, software programs technology and solutions, that this , seat call core and carriergrade IDC prepared support to the weight data storage and speedi form solution, is promptly swing of things, cars networking, mobile asset management, Digital City, LERP, Beidou application areas of app development.